How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Treadmill

You are not alone. Many people are wondering how many calories are burned after each treadmill exercise. The answer is very simple.

When you do exercises on the treadmill, you often look at the parameters on the display to see if you work out effectively. One of those parameters is calories burned. But do you know what factors determine these calories? The answers in this article will solve your questions.

Factors Determining The Number Of Calories Burned

Factors Determining The Number Of Calories Burned

Body Weight

For you to be able to run every mile or km on the treadmill, your muscles need to use calories. So the heavier you are, the bigger the calories burned.

Length Of Stride

Short strides mean more lifting and lowering of the foot over each running mile, and of course more calories will be burned.

Exercise Intensity

You will burn more calories if your heart and lungs work faster than allowed. This can be measured by heart rate measurement system, treadmill function or other measuring devices with higher efficiency.


In fact, the regularity of exercise will help you burn more calories. This criterion considers your entire training process for a long time.


With the same distance, but shortening the time each exercise, you not only burn calories during practice (because of performance), but also burn calories for each time you breathe out and in (due to the time being shortened each time). As a result, real calories are burned more than they actually are.

Slope / Tilt

Calories you consume more when you run or go on the slope instead of the flat surface.

Posture To Walk/Run

You will burn fewer calories if you continuously hold the treadmill handrails while running or walking.

Thus, the number of calories you burn in each minute of practice will be calculated by the treadmill based on the above factors. Especially, you need to pay attention to speed and weight. These two factors make calories burn faster than the rest.

How Many Calories Does A 20-Minute Exercise On The Treadmill Burn?

1. Run

For people who are overweight or obese, burning a lot of calories is essential. If you run at 4 miles per hour or also called normal speed, then every minute, you can burn:

  • ·        People weighing 60 kg consume 4.7 calories
  • ·        People weighing 70 kg consume 5.5 calories
  • ·        People weighing 80 kg consume 6.3 calories
  • ·        People weighing 90 kg consume 7.1 calories
  • ·        People weighing 100 kg consume 7.8 calories
  • ·        People weighing 110 kg consume 8.6 calories

Thus, on average, running for 20 minutes on a treadmill can help you burn 249 calories. If you plan to lose 10 kg just by running on the treadmill, then you must try to burn at least 250 calories in your run every day.

2. Walk

Many people think that walking on a treadmill has almost no effect on weight loss. However, it is a wrong thought.  The walking speed of 4.8km / hour helps to burn 73 calories every 20 minutes. Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight and you do not want to run, you can walk.

When walking on a treadmill, swing your arms strong and walk fast. When you are familiar with walking, do not hold onto the handle. Your body uses more energy when you are active, which means more calories are burned.

3. Tilt

Setting the treadmill conveyor belt title will help burn more calories. Because the tilt increases resistance, it also helps build strength in the lower body. Surveys and calculations show that if you adjust the tilt of the machine to 10%, 166 calories will be burned after 20 minutes.

The Frequency Of Running On The Treadmill

If you’re a beginner, start by running 3 days a week and at least 15-20 minutes per day. Then, when your body starts to get used to running, increase your frequency and run time by 30 minutes a day. To help keep your workout from getting bored, you can listen to music while running.

Many people say that the main reason why they don’t often run is boredom. And the best solution we recommend is to turn this into a daily routine and give it a certain level of priority.

The above is what we want to share with you about what treadmill can do with your calories. Hope it is useful to you. The last thing we want to emphasize is that exercising with a treadmill to lose weight and maintain a balanced body is the right decision. It is good for the body to have moderate body weight, and Home Body Guide wish you will achieve your goals soon.